Ocean Garden

The focus of  design in this split-level garden on the ocean was to frame the exceptional view.  The coastal location meant the site was unusually exposed to the elements and it required very careful planning in both construction and planting to overcome this and create a truly enjoyable and usable garden.

Martin created both  carefully-placed sheltering walls and sunken areas to create shelter, while also ensuing that the placement ensured that the path of the sun was followed thoughout the day.  The patio area outside the kitchen is sheltered by a wall with decorative arches cut into it and catches the evening sun, perfect for barbeques and al fresco dining, the opposite side has a sheltered patio to capture morning light.

A raised area to the seaward side cleverly  fulfils several  functions; it is a sheltering retaining wall  to the ocean, has a garden storage area for garden tools, and on the roof has a seating area with fantastic views. On the opther side of the ocean frontage is a sunken, sheltered vegetable garden, protected by hardy evergreen Quercus Ilex (holly oak).

The plant beds are also sunken to create an unobstructed view of the sea and shelter the plants which have been chosen for year round interest, and are protected with hardy Pinus Mugo (dwarf pine) and Buxus (box).

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